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Cryptoart is Bitcoin in the form of Art. It works like a piggy bank. Each art piece physically stores crypto. Cryptoart is storage for digital currency like Bitcoin. It’s a super easy way for anyone to physically enjoy Bitcoin without worrying about securing their computer from hackers. Cryptoart comes in three sizes, all of which are designed to fit ready-made frames (check your local framing stores). The smallest size can also be kept in a presentation book. Aside from being cool and interesting, it’s actually a very safe way to store bitcoin. The Bitcoin protocol is extremely secure, but if your computer (or phone) gets hacked, your bitcoin can be stolen. For this reason, it’s safest to store unused bitcoin offline. This process is called “cold storage.” Cryptoart merges bitcoin cold storage with art, thus giving you a safe way to secure and visually enjoy bitcoin. The result is a new form of art– one that not only derives value from aesthetics and scarcity, but from the value it literally holds.

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