September 25, 2021

donation, bitcoin, social media

Start accepting Bitcoin on Twitter with "Tips"

Twitter recently add a new feature called "Tips" to tip someone. Donate, yes, but not just anything: in Bitcoin.

Did you imagine one day, that the giant Twitter will allow you to do that?

Good to know: You must be at least 18 years old to request, receive, or send tips via Tips or anywhere on Twitter

Start accepting tips via Twitter

First, you must go to the "Edit Profile" section, and click on "Donations".

You'll need to check the "authorize tips" checkbox, then click on "Bitcoin address" and just fill the input with yours.

After that, a little button will be shown on your profile, and people will be allowed to send you tips with Bitcoin. It's just simple as that!


Send a tip to someone

To send a BTC tip, peoples need to allow it in their settings, as we explained before.

A small button will appear near the "Send message" icon, and then you will be able to send different tips from 1$ to 10$, or set a custom amount.

You will be asked to write a note and copy the wallet address of the person you'll send a tip or open your third party wallet to continue the process of the payment.

Good to know : Don't forget that tip someone doesn't give you access to specific content, it's a donation and you get nothing in exchange

It seems that depending on the country you are in, the "tip" action show differently (see images above).


The Strike platform

To allow people to tip with Bitcoin, Twitter use the Strike API , a payment application built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network which is currently in use in El Salvador.

This application has been built by Jack Mallers and allow to send the payments without any fees.

To offer these services, Strike partnered with Prime Trust, a state-regulated trust company, which holds your funds in custody and enables funds transfers.