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October 17, 2021

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Start accepting cryptos with Coinbase Commerce

Create your Coinbase account Create your Coinbase account

Before we get started...

Features supported

Coinbase Commerce will facilitate your business with some cool features :

  • Invoicing
  • Multi-currency
  • Conversions to flat/stablecoins
  • Webhooks
  • Customizing (payment buttons...)
  • Hosted checkout pages
  • Integration with Shopify and WooCommerce

Plans and pricing

Two plans are currently available :

  • Self Managed (you manage your wallets and keys)
    • 1% transaction fees
    • Manual currency conversion
  • Coinbase Managed (Coinbase manage your wallets and keys for you)
    • 1% transaction fees
    • Automatic currency conversion
    • Guaranteed funds
    • 24/7 support

The first one can be selected if you create directly your account, but for the second one you need to contact Coinbase's sales team :

Setting Up Your Coinbase Commerce Account

As you know, you need a Coinbase Commerce account with your company information to start accepting cryptos :

  1. Signup for a free acount
  2. Validate your account with your email address
  3. Add some security with 2FA
  4. Setup your wallet (where your cryptos will appear)
  5. (recommended) Backup your wallet with Google Drive
  6. The dashboard will appear

Coinbase Commerce dashboard Coinbase Commerce dashboard

"Balances" section show how much money you have made with the app, and "Payments" are the actual transactions that have occurred. Point of Sale section allows retailers to accept payment via Bitcoin on a mobile device with a simple code.

Create your first Checkout

In the "Checkouts" section, you will be able to create your first checkout and choose between three options :

  • Sell a Product
  • Send an invoice
  • Accept donation

Accept payment with Coinbase Commerce Accept payment with Coinbase Commerce

Pick "Sell a Product" and then enter a Product Name, Description, Price, Currency, and then upload an image for the new one.

Create your first product on Coinbase Commerce Create your first product on Coinbase Commerce

On the third step, you will be asked if you wanna save some information about your customers.

Then you can chose if you wanna embed a payment button or just a quick link to the checkout page :

Product link or embed on Coinbase Commerce Product link or embed on Coinbase Commerce

If you test the link in a new tab, you will see an order page similar to this one :

Coinbase Commerce order example Coinbase Commerce order example

On the left side, you can see the product that the customer will get with the amount, and on the right the different cryptos that he can pay with his Coinbase account.

At this step, you can receive some payments on your application and sells your products.

Once the payment is done, the customer will receive an email with the order code.

You don't have any information about your customers, so you can setup a Coinbase Webhook that will listen to your transaction, and link the purchase to a specific user from your application.

Webhooks are available on the "Settings" section on the left, the you will be able to create a webhook from a given link.